Sabtu, 19 September 2009

First, in order to be able to use the Internet, one must meet certain requirements. Although different systems and/or operating systems can connect to the Internet, we will focus on the IBM personal computer that needs at least Windows 95 running. A modem or router device is needed to actually make the connection to your service provider. There are different types of connections depending on how much one wishes to spend and the speed of the connection desired. A service provider is also needed who is someone that provides a server foundation for one to connect to and then from there connect to other servers, computers, or databases.
Next, the service provider also assigns an e-mail address that is used to send pictures, files, or just text back and forth. E-mail stands for electronic mail and is essentially that. This e-mail address consists of a user name designed by the user and once determined that there is not already one.
As we know, a long time ago it was really hard to communicate with each other or even people from outsiders. With the development of technology, at last telephone was made and it is used till now. Those genius people made many useful stuff such as telephone, mobile-phone, airplane, computer and so on. However, those kind of items were really rare in the past, but now it is really common to everyone and almost everyone has it. Presently, there is one useful thing that is used by everyone to communicate with each other quickly and simplely, which is Internet. Internet is a browsing system that is use by using a computer or mobile-phons. In fact, by using internet, people can communicate with others even with a long distance. Moreover, it may also be used for gaming, web-browsing, chatting, downloading, sharing files, etc.

However, there are many advantages and disadvantages of internet for kids. Firstly, it's good for kids to know how to use a computer and internet. They can use it for searching good articles and syllabus for their schools. Furthermore, they can learn new things from the internet. Also they can do their homeworks on computer instead of wasting time writing down.

Selasa, 08 September 2009

what i want to do during the raya break.????
many thing i must do for raya break such as help my family to prepare for the hari raya.Many thing i have do for helping my mother such as make some cookies and clean up my house.many cookies my mother do for the hari raya for example batang buruk,almont london and anything else.not only i help my mother for the raya break,i also do my assgment because many assgment must hang up after raya.Oh no.......arghhhhhhhh.but it all for me too..i think that all.

Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

What I like to achieve this semester

to get higher pointer than my frends,insyahaallah.I want to more straggle than past sem.My friends got better than me in past so in this sem I hope I also get same pointer with my friends.In kitchen class, I want know more about pastry and western so that I can more confident when Iout from uitm later.I hope i can get what i want in this sem.